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  • O-rings2_gridO-Rings


    Through our continued commitment to quality, service and engineering, and competitive pricing we earned the reputation as a premier O-Ring supplier for the industry.

  • solutionsinplastics_gridSolutions in Plastics

    Solutions in Plastics

    Besides know-how of applications and plastic materials, ERIKS has knowledge about turning, milling, sawing, specialised welding and innovative moulding techniques. We are the unique partner for small and larger series.

  • ERIKS tool - O-ring Groove Calculator_grid O-Ring Calculator Tool

    O-Ring Calculator Tool

    Save time calculating and designing O-Ring grooves and verify the O-Ring sealing performance by checking parameters like O-Ring compression, free groove volume, O-Ring inner diameter stretch and even much more.

  • ERIKS - SealXpress_gridSealXpress


    24 hours express service to make every wanted shape of seal, ready while you wait! Ideal when a seal cannot be supplied from stock or when you need a special size of seal.

  • oilseals2_grid Oil Seals

    Oil Seals

    In our program you have the choice between NBR oil seals, type GR and GRST. Klozure seals are oil seals in rubber or with incorporated fabric style.

  • industrialHoses_grid Industrial Hoses

    Industrial Hoses

    As a leading hose supplier offering a high-quality range of hoses, couplings and compensators, ERIKS is able to advise the customer in detail and offer the best possible price/quality ratio.

  • ERIKS tool - O-ring Weight Calculator_gridO-ring Weight Calculator Tool

    O-ring Weight Calculator Tool

    If you need to know the weight of your o-ring, you can use our o-ring calculator. All you need is the type of compound, the inner- and cross section diameter and our interactive tool directly calculates the weight.

  • Bellow_selectorBellow Selector Tool

    Bellow Selector Tool

    ERIKS has developed an on-line bellow selector to assist users in the selection of the proper bellows configuration. The user enters diameter and overall length of the bellows, or can use the appropriate V6 part number.

  • FlangeGaskets_grid Flange Gaskets

    Flange Gaskets

    Thanks to our specific process, product and application knowledge, ERIKS is capable of offering solutions for every flanged connection.

  • RX-instrumentation_gridERIKS Instrumentation

    ERIKS Instrumentation

    ERIKS supplies an extensive range of valves, instrumentation and plastic piping products supported by technical and logistical services.

  • ERIKS tool - Chemical Resistance Guide_grid Chemical Resistance Guide

    Chemical Resistance Guide

    The ERIKS Chemical Resistance Guide allows you to check some 20 different rubber families and some plastics against over 2000 chemicals.

  • Rubber_PriceCalculator_gridRubber Profile Price Calc.

    Rubber Profile Price Calculator Tool

    ERIKS developed a unique online rubber profile price calculator for standard and custom-made rubber profiles. You can draw you unique rubber profiles with this unique calculator.

  • rubbertechnology_gridRubber Technology

    Rubber Technology

    For over 60 years, ERIKS has been standing for innovation and quality in rubber technology. This experience and the years of cooperation with the main raw material producers are the ideal basis for a partnership with ERIKS.

  • RX-valves_grid ERIKS Valves

    ERIKS Valves

    ERIKS supplies an extensive range of valves, instrumentation and plastic piping products supported by technical and logistical services.

  • ERIKS tool - Oil Seals typefinder_grid Oil Seals typefinder

    Oil Seals typefinder

    With this tool you can find the ERIKS equivalent of your current oil seal.

  • RubberHose_Selector_gridRubber Hose Selector Tool

    Rubber Hose Selector Tool

    If you want to know what hose you can you in which situation and industry, you can use our rubber hose selector.

  • ERIKS tool - Unit converter_grid Unit Converter

    Unit Converter

    ERIKS online conversion tool (area, bytes, density, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature and volume).

  • anti-vibration banner2_grid Anti Vibration Selector

    Anti Vibration Selector

    ERIKS anti vibration selector. Machinery in your workshop make noise and vibrate. To lower noise and reduce vibrations you need the correct damping material and isolators.